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Generator Systems
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We can install any type of generator system for you

  •    Manual transfer generator
    • 6 circuit, 8 circuit, 10 circuit flush or surface
      • When the power goes out You plug in the generator and start it than switch the power from utility to generator. When the power come back on you switch the power back to utility and than turn off the generator and unplug it. When setting up a 6,8 or 10 circuit you must make a choice of what circuits you want to run on the generator. To run a well circuit you may have to have a 120/240 generator.
    • Remote outlet.
      • You have a choice between having an outlet on the generator transfer or at a remote location like the garage or outside at the meter location.
    • Custom extension cord.
      • The cord is assembled to match your generator outlet and the transfer outlet. If you have a transfer outlet installed in your garage you will need an extension cord long enough to place the generator outside.
    • Whole house transfer switch.
      • You can run the whole house from a manual transfer switch if it is large enough for your service feeders. You generator also must be large enough to handle the load of the house.
  •  Automatic transfer generator
    • 10 circuit to all house generator systems
      • When the power goes out the generator automatically starts and transfers power. When the power comes back on the power transfers automatically and the generator shuts down. Most systems will do automatic starts to make sure that it is always ready. The best choice is natural gas or propane.
    • Homes
    • Business
    • Gas stations
    • Fire stations
    • Health care
    • Industrial
    • And more