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  Existing House Wiring - We are specialist a this area.

  Existing house wiring is more difficult than new  house wiring, you must fish the wires in order to install new items like outlets switches and lights in the finished walls. Their are limitations on what can be fished or added with out damage to the walls. If we are going to have trouble fishing a new item we will let our customers know ahead of time. In rare cases a wall or floor area may have to be cut in order to add the item. Usually if their is unfinished basement or crawl below we can fish up the wall to the items or if the attic above is accessible than we can fish down the wall. If the attic roof trusses are close to the top of the wall than we can not get a drill in to make a fish hole. We can sometimes use an unfinished garage to help make access to upper floors of a house or a closet can also be used if you do not mind a small pipe in the corner. Weber Electric can have a specialist come and look at your house and let you know if items can be added. Most times items can be added with out damage to the walls and if you have lath and plaster types of walls we will be very careful as they are very delicate and they take great care not to damage them but we are up to the task.